Fanatical Puzzle Game Box ($1.00, 24 hours only)

Grab 3 chilled-out titles in the Puzzle Games Box from indie puzzle maestro Maciej Targoni, delivered as individual Steam keys, and save a BEST EVER 66% for 24 hours only or while stocks last!

Fanatical Puzzle Game Box

Fanatical Puzzle Game Box includes 3 puzzle games:


HOOK is a relaxing, minimal puzzle game from Maciej Targoni that was developed after an earlier prototype version was downloaded over 200,000 times. The player is surrounded by calming sounds and music, resulting in a meditative experience rarely found in PC gaming. No menus, no achievements – just you, a puzzle and a zen-like atmosphere.


klocki is the second puzzle game from Maciej Targoni after the success of Hook. It’s a relaxing and minimal experience, loaded with a lot of different puzzle mechanics. Your goal is to connect different types of lines together to a calming soundtrack composed by Wojciech Wasiak.


oO is a hardcore minimal “dodge-em-up / runner” arcade game. The player controls a ball as it moves around the circumference of interconnected circles – clicking the screen shifts you from the interior to the exterior and vice versa. Get ready for a simple, addictive, mind-bending experience accompanied by an awesome ambient soundtrack. An enhanced version of the original version available online, this edition features updated graphics, better performance and bug fixes.

If you like puzzle games, buying this one dollar puzzle bundle is a no-brainer. Get it over at Fanatical while you can – this offer is a Star Deal that’s available for 24 hour only.

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