Fanatical Stand With Ukraine Charity Game Bundle

100% of all proceeds will be donated to the Ukraine Red Cross, supporting their valuable work in helping those affected by the growing humanitarian crisis in the country.

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Fanatical has joined forces with Richie De Wit (Robot Teddy), Tomas Sala (creator of The Falconeer and BAFTA-nominated artist) and Alessandra van Otterlo (Editor in Chief of Control Magazine) to bring you this specially curated bundle of Steam PC games. Richie, Tomas and Alessandra have worked quickly and tirelessly to sign up over 50 game developers and publishers to the bundle.

Each developer has generously donated 10,000 Steam keys for their game, completely free of charge.

Buy the bundle and you will instantly receive Steam keys for 58 awesome games, worth over $750. There’s a minimum donation of just $15, but we ask you to pay more if you can afford to do so.

Get games like Among Us, Gang Beasts, Nuclear Throne, Tinkertown and more.

Buy Fanatical Stand With Ukraine Bundle here while it lasts

NOTE: Some games have limited keys, so if you buy this bundle later you might miss out on some games. Not available in Russia and Belarus, as expected.

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