Fanatical Steam Deck Bundle – Bundlefest 2024

Fanatical Steam Deck Bundle – Bundlefest 2024 contains nothing but Steam Deck Verified games, perfect for maximum gaming pleasure on your sleek new handheld!

In this bundle you can pick how many games you want to buy. The more games you choose, the bigger the discount:

  • Get 3 games for $4.99
  • Get 5 games for $7.99
  • Get 8 games for $9.99

Fanatical Steam Deck Bundle – Bundlefest 2024

Lead a family of hack’n’slash heroes in the award-winning action RPG Children of Morta: Complete Edition, crush your foes with living weapons in the unforgiving Souls-like metroidvania GRIME, enjoy challenging puzzles in the brain-twisting Bridge Constructor Portal Bundle (complete with Portal Proficiency DLC), and explore the 94%-rated Patch Quest which has been described as Pokemon meets The Binding of Isaac!

Choose from this list of Steam Deck verified games:

Buy the Fanatical Build Your Own Steam Deck Bundle – Bundlefest 2024 here

All games come as redeemable Steam keys, directly supplied by the publishers to Fanatical. This bundle is available until June 26th 2024.

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