Fanatical’s Unity Gamedev eBook Bundle

Fanatical’s Unity Gamedev eBook Bundle gives you the tools and knowledge to create games yourself, fueling the next generation of developers.

Fanatical Unity Gamedev eBook Bundle

With the Unity Game Development Bundle, you’ll gain vital skills to create exciting 2D/3D games and virtual reality applications. With 15 eBooks at your disposal, you’ll learn how to make games that are non-predictable and dynamic and have a high replayability factor, as well as develop multiplayer features using Unity.

Want to make an RPG? This collection teaches you the core essentials of this game genre and how to construct a framework for the inventory, equipment, characters, enemies, quests, and game events.

All eBooks in this bundle are available in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats, and are yours to keep forever. Get this eLearning ebook bundle at Fanatical.

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