Flying Bundle: Addicts Bundle

Flying Bundle: Addicts Bundle is out, with 11 games and Steam Trading cards for all your Gaming & Trading card needs!



Burning Cars – Stunning effects, amazing fire and hard racing with bullets – is that what you were craving for so long? Prepare to listen to the burn-in noise of madly spinning tires at the start. Just get in a car and try to survive on the track. Be quick, be smart, be fearless and the Trashpit Cup will be yours! Just don’t forget to take a good minigun and couple of mines, the competition is anything but friendly.


Diehard Dungeon – The game features a dynamic difficulty and ranking system – the better you do, the more challenging the game will become. Only the most skilled dungeon escapees will attain the highest ranks. A randomly generated dungeon is created every playthrough, with many secrets and multiple outcomes.



The complete list of games included in the Flying Addicts Bundle:

  • Burning Cars
  • Countless Rooms of Death
  • Diehard Dungeon
  • Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
  • Lilly Looking Through
  • Millennium – A New Hope
  • Mystery Game
  • Mystery Game 2
  • They Breathe
  • Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres
  • Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma


Grab The Addicts Bundle over at Flying Bundle!


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