Free Game: Grimoire: Manastorm

200,000 Steam keys for Grimoire: Manastorm await thanks to PC Gamer and Bundle Stars. It’s an Early Access wizard-’em-up—a first-person ‘shooter’ with devastating magic taking the place of bullets or grenades.

Grimoire is a multiplayer mage FPS where unique spells put a twist on classic shooter action. Scorch your enemies, vanish into thin air, or turn to stone with dozens of powerful spells at your fingertips!

Grimoire: Manastorm lets you pick from a pool of six wizard classes, and wield spells inspired from Dota 2 and League of Legends. It’s been favourable reviewed by Steam users, and will be further added to with patches and updates as developer Omniconnection continues to expand the game.

Grab your free Steam key here!

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