Free Steam Key : Party Jousting Zombie Pack

Free Steam Key : Party Jousting Zombie Pack

The Developer says:

A one-button party game for 2-16 players. Jump around in a battle arena and try to land on the other players to beat them. All players can share one keyboard or controller by using one button each. All gameplay features are 100% free. There are two DLC-packs which are optional donations with some hats and new animals as reward. By purchasing DLC, you will contribute to the further improvement of the game and development of new modes. You can grab the zombie pack for free right now by jumping through a couple hoops!

The Community says:

This game is multiplayer only with no online features. You will need friends to get any joy out of this one. This is what Flappy Bird would have looked like if it was permanently fixed on death match with multi-players, the title was simplicity at its best while remaining a blast to play at parties.

The game play consist of two or more players controlling their characters with a single button press, while the duration of your press dictates the height of which you fly. Sounds simple? Well, did I mention that you also have to avoid spike traps, other players, along with the dreaded borders of doom? It gets more hectic with the more players you have, which is a good thing, especially when you have friends over for a bout. Even if you are the type that’s forever alone, you can have an awesome battle between your left hand and right hand, in which my right hand always win.

Slight warning though if you’re planning on using a single keyboard. Unless you have a mechanical keyboard with some specialised drivers, it is not likely to register more than four key presses at the same time. So I would recommend a controller or two on the side to even out the players on each input device. The DLC packs are not required in any way, but they do add more characters and hats, it won’t hurt to buy some if you happen to like the game and support the developer. -Unpageable

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update: no longer available

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