Free Steam Key: Terra Lander

Free Steam Key: Terra Lander

The Developer says:

Terra Lander is a homage to the classic early days of arcade retro, we hope you enjoy!

Navigate the player to the landing pad through twenty increasingly difficult levels within the time limit and with enough fuel. Movement or firing uses up fuel though levels can be replenished by shooting the fuel dumps. Running out of fuel means you loose control and can’t fire. If all fuel dumps are destroyed on any given level the player’s fuel tank capacity is doubled for the next level (this does not apply to starting from the highest level reached).

Avoid the moving doors and increasingly fiendish enemies, find the switches for the doors that block your way. When a life is lost the player is temporarily shielded against enemy fire, this is represented by an electrical circular field around the lander just after it is respawned. Don’t touch anything – that would be fatal! Be careful though, loosing a life resets the current level and loosing the last life ends the game.

The Community says:

My experience with Terra Lander started off pleasantly. I liked the vector graphics and the way the lander handled with the X box controller. The robotic voice offered hilariously cruel comments. It was a little hard to distinguish the enemy bullets from all the other sparkles in the game but the first few levels were so easy that they bordered on boring and I barely remember them. Then I got to Gauntlet of the Gods and there are way too many turrets and tight passageways full of richochet bullets coming from every direction. When you get through areas here you’re just memorizing patterns of enemy fire. It feels like luck and memorizing when you get through. You’re not really learning anything. Its kind of tedious. Then you get to the end, and this is probably after losing 900 ships and being insulted 3000 times, and you land on the landing pad – nothing happens. It doesn’t end the level like it does every other time. I wanted to kill a family with a hammer.


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