Free Steam Key: Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, a hilarious take on the modern Battle Royale games, is FREE on Steam for a limited time!

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds was originally made as an April Fools’ parody of the Battle Royal genre and the game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Jump onto an island from flying trucks, find a gun and survive and look silly while doing it, find and eliminate all your opponents to win the round!


  • Huge map
  • Physics-based EVERYTHING
  • Unit Customization

How To Get Totally Accurate Battlegrounds For Free:

Just head over to Steam and add the game to your account by clicking on the “install” button. Simple as that. Enjoy your free game!

*Free forever if you get the game in the first 100 hours!

Q: Why does the game cost money for the people who download it after the first 100 hours?

A: The first 100 hours after the release will be free for all and that means free forever, if you get the game before the first 100 hours end you will NOT have to pay to keep it. The 4.99$ price after the first 100 hours goes to preserving the game such as server costs etc.

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