Giveaway: Teddy Terror x 10 (Steam keys)

UPDATE: The winners have been picked!

Check out the widget below to see if you won, if you did, Steam key is waiting in your inbox!

Teddy Terror is a 2D Roguelite Horror with the environment as your weapon. We’re giving away 10 Steam keys!

Teddy Terror Giveaway

In Teddy Terror you take on the role of a little boy with his Teddybear who wakes up in a nightmare. With your surroundings as your weapons your goal is to Survive the nightmarish world and escape from tongue spitting eyeball creatures, horrifiying bosses and hordes of unimaginable abominations!

The game has mostly positive reviews on Steam, with average score of 8 out of 10. Make sure to visit Steam store page to read what other people thought of it.

And best of luck everyone!

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