GMG Deals of the Day: Brink Complete Pack & Quake 4

Brink is a FPS that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one experience, allowing you to create your character whether playing alone, with your friends, or against others online. You decide the combat role you want to assume in the world of Brink as you fight to save yourself and mankind’s last refuge. Brink offers a compelling mix of dynamic battlefields, extensive customization options, and an innovative control system that will keep you coming back for more.

Unleash several new abilities on your enemies as your work your way towards the newly raised level cap of 24 and customize your character with brand-new outfits and additional weapon attachments in Agents of Change DLC; and extend your customization options even further with the exclusive combo packs!

This pack includes:

  • Brink
  • Brink: Agents of Change DLC
  • Brink: Doom/Psycho Combo Pack DLC
  • Brink: Fallout/Specops Combo Pack DLC



In a desperate war for Earth’s survival, against an unrelenting enemy, the only way to defeat them is to become one of them. Armed with advanced weaponry and vehicles and aided by an elite squad of marines, you take the battle to the heart of the Strogg home planet and become earth’s only hope for victory.

Quake 4 is build on id Tech 4 engine (responsible for beautiful Doom 3) and is a sequel to the classic Quake 2 storyline. Arena-style multiplayer that has made the series widely known is also included.

Get them over at GMG.

And make sure you use the code BWG00E-QJP45O-INFGR1 to get an extra 23% off!


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