Grab a free Slipstream 5000 Steam key

Grab a free Slipstream 5000 Steam key in yet another promo by our friends at Indie Gala!

About Slipstream 5000:

Conventional motor racing has yielded to the advances of thrust drive technology. Popularity for Slipstream racing is at its peak. Successful flyers quickly become icons and heroes. Race fans flock in their millions to the circuit-side stadiums hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest anti-grav machines which defy all laws of motion. The track’s prepared, the crowd are hustling for the best seats, and the drivers and commentators are all psyched and hungry for action.

Control many upgradeable futuristic racers under arcade or simulation racing style. Experience high speed aerial moves and dramatic crashes on excellently designed tracks.Feel the speed of the slipstream!

Mixed Steam reviews, regular price is $5.99, has Steam Trading Cards.

To get your free Steam key, go to Indie Gala, scroll down to find the giveaway box, login and follow the instructions

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