GreenManGaming: Paradox Deals up to 80% off

GreenManGaming has brought back their Paradox Interactive discounts, expanding to cover even more of the studio’s titles. In the mood for some historical warfare? Then take part in some of the grand strategy of Hearts of Iron II or III, or perhaps the even older historical setting of Europa Universalis IV or Victoria.No, not in the mood for history? Well perhaps try out some of Paradox’s more modern titles, such as Naval War: Arctic Circle. No matter your era of preference, if you enjoy strategy, there’s a game here for you.


Discounted titles include:

  • Europa Universalis IV – $13.59
  • Europa Universalis IV Digital Extreme Edition – $11.24
  • Europa Universalis DLCs
    • Wealth of Nations – $2.49
    • Conquest of Paradise – $3.74
    • American dream – $1.24
  • Victoria II – $7.48
  • Victoria II DLCs
    • Heart of Darkness – $4.99
    • A House Divided – $2.49
  • Victoria Complete – $1.99
  • Victoria Collection (1 & 2 + DLCs) – $7.99
  • Hearts of Iron II – $1.99
  • Hearts of Iron III – $4.99
  • Hearts of Iron III Collection – $6.24
  • Hearts of Iron III “Their Finest Hour” DLC – $2.49
  • March of the Eagles – $3.99
  • Naval War: Arctic Circle – $3.99


Grab it over at GreenManGaming

And make sure you use the code NOVEMB-ERGMGX-20XOFF to get an extra 20% off!

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