Groupees: Detroit Loves Everybody Bundle

I guess you can say that the Detroit Loves Everybody Bundle contains some good music? I dunno, better see for yourself.

Detroit Loves Everybody Bundle includes:

  • Future Logic – One Hundred Gems EP
  • Press – The Sanctuary EP
  • Cyntel – More than Friends EP
  • Various Artists – The Resistance EP
  • D-Struct – Storm/Throwback
  • Marshall Applewhite – Astral Rabble
  • Biome Digital – These Are The Kicks (Sample Pack)
  • Speedballaone & Leggo – Blow Up The Spot
  • Press- The Sanctuary (Remixes)
  • Sulex- Vehicle-Exhaust
  • SVB- King of Stones EP
  • ATIC – Ink Blue- The Measure
  • InDifferent – Rules Of Engagement -Ruffneck
  • Sustanye & Phantom Physics- Necromorph-Nostalgia
  • Conzi – Ancient-Slip
  • Iron Feather – 1st
  • Aether -Transmute
  • Speedballaone – Knucklehead EP
  • KMS Record Sampler

Get your copy of Detroit Loves Everybody Bundle over at Groupees!

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