Groupees WGN?!: Carlmageddon Bundle

The Carlmageddon Bundle is the latest edition to the Who’s Gaming Now?! bundle series on Groupees. 5 Steam games + some music await you in this bundle. 2 bonus games have also been added to the bundle, with the third coming if the bundle sells in over 5000 copies!

Don your cape and mask and join the Supreme League of Patriots in the first Issue of this hilarious and irreverent superhero comedy adventure!

Jump into the role of a fantasy-world tavern keeper: where you will need to renovate an ailing tavern, chat to hundreds of unique guests, manage a stables full of magical creatures, oversee the battle pit, hire heroes or villains to help hunt down magical tavern items in Fortune’s Tavern – The Fantasy Tavern Simulator.

Voice of Pripyat is a 3D Action first-person shooter in a post-apocalyptic world. Zombies, anomalies, huge maps, intense realtime battles! Also, the developers need to learn the word plagiarism or fraud…

Play as a powerful wizard, a mighty warrior, or a strategic builder to stop the ghost invasion The Defenders: The Second Wave.

In Monument Builders: Alcatraz, oversee the construction of the most famous prison in the United States, while learning many other anecdotes along the way!

The Carlmageddon Bundle includes:

  • Supreme League of Patriots – Episode 1
  • Fortune’s Tavern – The Fantasy Tavern Simulator
  • Voice of Pripyat
  • The Defenders: The Second Wave
  • Monument Builders – Alcatraz
  • Optimal Prime
  • Don’t Try This at Home

Get your copy of the Carlmageddon Bundle over at Groupees!



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