Humble Book Bundle: Save the Unicorns

The Humble Book Bundle: Save the Unicorns presented by Peter S. Beagle just launched on Wednesday, April 19 at 11 a.m. Pacific time! Humble Bundle has partnered up with beloved fantasy author Peter S. Beagle (The Last Unicorn) to offer unicorn ebooks and protect the wilderness.

Humble Book Bundle: Save the Unicorns

Pay $1 or more. All together, the books in this ebook bundle would cost over $123. At Humble Bundle, though, you name your price of $1 or more and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle!

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get Ariel by Steven R. Boyett, Unicorn Mountain by Michael Bishop, Homeward Bound by Bruce Coville and Unicorn Triangle by Patricia A. McKillip

TIER 2: Pay $8 or more to also get even more ebooks; The Fantasy & Science Fiction Book of Unicorns Edited by Gordon Van Gelde, Dream a Little Dream by Piers Anthony and Julie Brady, The Transfigured Hart by Jane Yolen, Pandora Park by Piers Anthony and The Unicorn Trade by Poul Anderson, Karen Anderson

TIER 3: The top tier costs $15 (or more) and it also includes In Calabria by Peter S. Beagle, The Unicorn AnthologyThe Fantasy & Science Fiction Book of Unicorns Volume II, My Son Heydari and the Karkadann by Peter S. Beagle, The Day of the Dissonance by Alan Dean Foster and The Dragon and the Unicorn by A.A. Attanasio.

If unicorns are your thing, check out the Humble Book Bundle: Save the Unicorns

Read them anywhere. These books are available in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats, meaning you can read them anywhere at any time.

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