Humble Bundle: The Complete Gamemaking Collection

Do you want to make your own video game? Bring your dream game to life with the help of a dozen gamedev assets and apps included in this eElearning bundle! Starting from just $1. Available for a limited time.

Humble Bundle: The Complete Gamemaking Collection

If you’ve been dreaming about turning that game idea into a reality, there’s no better time than now—pick up this complete creators’ bundle and get going today!

  • Jump in with GameGuru MAX, a 3D game-maker that makes creation simple—no coding required.
  • Dive into coding and programming with the fully featured AppGameKit Studio game development tool set.
  • Get an instant library of assets to help build your world—including character models, objects, and more.

Start developing your game no matter your experience level, and help support Prevent Cancer Foundation with your purchase!

Check out the whole gamedev eLearning bundle at Humble and get $879 worth of knowledge for a Pay What You Want price:

Buy Humble Bundle: The Complete Gamemaking Collection here

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