Humble Capcom Rising Bundle

Humble Capcom Rising Bundle just launched on Tuesday, July 11 at 11 a.m. Pacific time! Step right up, because the Humble Capcom Bundle is rising from the dead.

This newest incarnation includes Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition, Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Resident Evil HD REMASTER, Resident Evil 0 HD REMASTER, and more!

Humble Capcom Rising Bundle

Pay what you want. Normally, the total cost for these games is as much as $229. At Humble Bundle, though, you choose the price!

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get STRIDER, Umbrella Corps and DmC: Devil May Cry

TIER 2: Beat the average price and also get Umbrella Corps™ Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Resident Evil HD REMASTER, Resident Evil 0 HD REMASTER and Resident Evil 6

TIER 3: Top tier will cost you $12 but you get all the games from the previous tiers, plus Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition

Buy The Humble Capcom Rising Bundle here while it lasts

Bonus: Additionally, buying any tier of Humble Capcom Rising Bundle will get you 10% off Humble Monthly for new subscribers – pre-purchase the Humble Monthly for August 2017 and immediately get NBA 2K17 and Pillars of Eternity.

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