Humble Game Bundle: tinyBuild IGN Live Showcase

Indie label tinyBuild has been pumping out great games for over a decade—get up to speed on their stellar body of work with 11 games + DLC from their catalog.

Humble Game Bundle: tinyBuild IGN Live Showcase

The action RPG Asterigos: Curse of the Stars invites you to navigate a stunning fantasy world inspired by Greek and Roman myth, and do battle with mythical creatures as you unravel the secrets of a cursed city. In underworld business sim Cartel Tycoon, you’ll build and manage your own criminal empire in the gritty, dangerous cartel world of the 80’s and 90’s. Hello Neighbor 2 picks up directly where its predecessor left off, replete with creepy vibes, intricate puzzles, and more suspicious neighbors whose privacy you need to invade.

Choose Between Three Options:

Tier 1: Pay just $6 to get:

Tier 2: Pay $10 to also get:

Tier 2: Pay $15 to also get:

All games in this game bundle are activated on Steam through separate keys and are playable on Windows.

Humble Game Bundle: tinyBuild IGN Live Showcase is available here

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