Humble Monthly Bundle November is live

Humble Monthly Bundle November is live, and all the games have been revealed!

Anyone that subscribed on time got:

  • Saints Row 4
  • Besiege
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Lethal League
  • Sanctuary RPG
  • Towerfall Ascencion
  • Legend of Grimrock 2

So, how can you get these games? YOU CAN’T! But, you can subscribe for the next month.

To get in on next month’s bundle, subscribe before December 4, 2015. When you subscribe, you’ll also immediately receive a copy of Towerfall Ascension!


Humble Monthly Bundle Q & A:

  • When does each bundle unlock?

The first Friday of every month.

  • What are the games playable on?

Steam for Windows. Sometimes more!

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! Whenever you’d like.

  • If I cancel, do I keep my games?

Of course. They’re all yours.

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