Humble RPG Heroes Bundle

Be the hero of your own RPG stories! Humble RPG Heroes Bundle just launched on July 30, at 11:00 am PST and lasts through August 20, 2021

humble rpg bundle

There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in a grand, epic adventure! RPGs unlock the freedom of games to let you be who you want to be and experience stories the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else!

Unearth some incredible tales in the Humble RPG Heroes Bundle, with games like DreadlandsSwords & Souls: Neverseen, and Quest Hunter.

Plus, your purchase helps support a charity of your choice.

Choose one of 3 tiers; the more you pay, the more Steam keys you get:

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get Delver

TIER 2: Beat the average price to also receive Swords & Souls: Neverseen and Tower of Time

TIER 3: Pay $12 or more to get the top tier of games, including all the games in the first two tiers plus Dreadlands, Slasher’s Keep and Quest Hunter

All games are delivered as Steam keys. Normally, the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as $95.17.

Buy The Humble RPG Heroes Bundle here

DISCLAIMER: We use affiliate links for Humble Bundle, so if you want to support us (or if you don’t, that’s fine as well), you can click on the “Adjust Donation” button at Humble to fine tune where your money goes.

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