Humble Weekly Bundle: Surprise Attack

There’s a Surprise Attack party over at Humble Bundle, packed with games from the namesake indie label.

Oscura, the apprentice lighthouse keeper, has accidentally destroyed the Aurora Stone, sending shards across the Driftlands and plunging them into darkness and danger. It’s now up to Oscura to find the shards of the stone and restore light to the Driftlands before the creatures of the dark can destroy it.

Metrocide is a relentless single-player stealth action game in which you play as a contract killer: the notorious T.J. Trench.

Lock, load, and let the gibs fly in OTTTD, a tower defense/RTS game with RPG elements that pits you against some of the weirdest creatures in the multiverse.

In A Druid’s Duel it is up to Warren, a young druid fresh from his Esoteric Training, to discover what is causing this disastrous mixing of Seasons.

Particulars is a game with a unique combination of arcade-action and puzzle gameplay, set in the mysterious world of subatomic particles.

Build insane Robot Battle Vehicles that drive, hover, and fly. Add weapons from the future and jump in the driving seat as you take them into battle in a team based capture the base Free-to-Win MMO in Robocraft Pack.

Vertiginous Golf is a dystopian steampunk mini golf adventure game set in the skies above an alternate world where life on the ground is enveloped in permanent smog, constant darkness, and never-ending rain.

Screencheat is a first-person shooter that throws conventional split-screen multiplayer rules out the window and actively encourages players to look at their opponent’s screen.

The Surprise Attack bundle includes:

  • Oscura: Lost Light
  • Metrocide
  • A Druid’s Duel
  • Particulars
  • Robocraft Pack (Early Access)
  • Vertiginous Golf
  • Screencheat 2-pack

Get your copy of the Surprise Attack bundle over at The Humble Bundle!

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