Humble Weekly Bundle: Total War Encore

Humble Weekly Bundle: Total War Encore – this is mostly a re-run of the Humble Bundle Total War Bundle but if you missed it before, here’s another chance.

Pay what you want for: Sword of Attila – A Total War Novel by David Gibbins, Roman Soldier vs Germanic Warrior – an Osprey Book by Lindsay Powell, Alesia 52 BC, the Final Struggle for Gaul – an Osprey Book by Nic Fields, 1000 in-game silver and 1000 in-game stone for your kingdom in Total War Battles: KINGDOM, an exclusive Humble Banner Heraldry for Total War Battles: KINGDOM, a Commander Leonidas bust 3D printer file for Total War: ARENA, exclusive Humble Warrior Greek Shield for Total War: ARENA (available in Closed Beta), a 30-day premium account for Total War: ARENA, an exclusive illustrated campaign map for Total War: WARHAMMER, the Total War: ROME Original Soundtrack, Shogun: Total War Collection, Viking: Battle for Asgard, and Medieval II: Total War Collection.

Pay more than the average price to also get: Empire: Total War Collection, MEDIEVAL: Total War Collection, Humble Store 66% off Total War: ATTILA coupon, Total War: SHOGUN 2 Collection, Napoleon: Total War Collection, and Total War: ARENA Premium Spartan Hoplite Unit.

Pay $15 or more for all of that plus: Total War: ROME II – Emperor Edition, Total War: ROME II – Wrath of Sparta Campaign Pack, Total War: ROME II – Caesar in Gaul Campaign Pack, Total War: ROME II Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack, Total War: ROME II Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack.

Pay $30 or more for the entire bundle plus an exclusive Humble Total War Bundle T-Shirt!


Get total Total War over at Humble Bundle

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