IGB Deals: Andru Chill USB Charger (White)

Portable chargers don’t have to be boring eyesores—spice up your charging routine with Andru, the fun-size, pose-able Android mascot. Simply plug Andru into the wall, connect your USB charger, and power up any device needing a boost. Andru is specially made for Android devices, but is willing and ready to charge any USB-capable device!

Andru Chill USB Charger (White)

Charge Hard, Play Harder with This Friendly Android Power Bot

Andru Chill

“…this thing is probably one of the more useful gifts for the Android devotee in your life.” TechCrunch

Key features:

  • Moveable arms & flexible antennae
  • Light-up eyes (blue while charging, green on standby)
  • Soft & smooth white finish
  • Comes w/ his own stand & cable
  • Cute & small at 2.5 inches tall
  • Works w/ Apple accessories or any USB-capable devices; you just need to provide your own USB cable


Grab the Andru Chill USB Charger (White) over at IGB Deals.

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