IGB Deals: Elite PC Program Bundle

IGB Deals: Elite PC Program Bundle

elite pc program bundle

Grab a bundle of elite PC programs to keep your computer happy and healthy! Start with a bit of spring cleaning and defragment your disk with the Smart Privacy Cleaner. Create a slideshow with ease, add autosaving as an automatic feature to your entire computer! You can also grab InPixio for a fantastic photo-editing program, and even design a website with little to no coding knowledge with the magic of WebEasy. Certainly a bundle worth looking at, especially if you don’t enjoy slogging through a piles of freeware that all vary widely in quality. These PC programs are sure to please!

InPixio Photo Clip: I read a review of some of the things you can do with this product and went for it. I have countless photographs found after my Mother died and felt that just scanning them to give to my descendants was just not enough. When taken years ago little could be done to tidy them up. One of the features is removing items from photographs that detracted from the intended subject. Also effects like sepia toning can be done that I have done in a dark room 40yrs+ ago. So a photograph of my grand mother when she was a teenager could become a closer age wise photograph of a younger person I never met until she was an old woman. I also have a photograph that I took of a spitfire with post WW2 items in the background that I could remove.

WebEasy: Like many reviews of WebEasy, mine will be a good one. I like it, and my website really looks very good. 61 pages now. I have never had a problem with the thing. Transferring my work to the program workspace, both text and images, is easy. Editing is easy. Crashing has been unheard of. Uploading is easy, though it takes a year (probably not so much the fault of the program as it is my connection.)

By the way, there is no good manual. Each time you are doing something that you don’t know how to do, use the HELP page, and then print it. I have a very good user specific manual now made up of these help pages. It has it’s downsides and limitations. It’s not Dreamweaver. I wish I had more latitude, but on the other hand I don’t have to know one bit of code. Even so, there must be something better, and I wish we had more places to go to find reliable information on them–certainly not at reviews sites like this one. If you read all the negative reviews of Webeasy, you probably would never buy anything.

Grab a bundle of elite PC programs for a low price only from IGB Deals!

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