IGB Deals: Flirc USB Receiver

Rather than toss your old remote in the next giveaway box, give it new life with the Flirc USB Receiver. The setup process is simple—follow the detailed instructions to program the remote’s buttons to pair with your media center buttons. Once set up, simply plug Flirc into any USB port, and pull out your pre-programmed remote to operate your media center from afar. Anything your keyboard can control, you can control too with this top-selling accessory—and from up to 10 feet away at that!

Flirc USB Receiver

Repurpose an Old Remote Control to Operate Your Computer Media Center

Flirc USB Receiver

Key features:

  • Easily operate your home theater PC or favorite media center device w/ almost any remote control
  • Operate Kodi or FireTV w/ your harmony remote without setup or special software needed (functionality is built in!)
  • Use w/ a wide range of devices: FireTV, Playstation, XBOX 360, Raspberry Pi, Windows Media Center, Kodi, Plex & more
  • Follow along w/ the easy-to-use software to walk through the entire pairing process
  • Utilize built-in preset configurations to quickly program common applications
  • Use the virtual keyboard in the Flirc software to pair any button on your remote control w/ any standard keyboard key
  • Enjoy free firmware updates

Grab the Flirc USB Receiver over at IGB Deals.

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