IGB Deals: Free iOS Game Hacking Course

Take a gaming break and learn to create your own real-life iOS game— for free with iOS Game Hacking Course! This 8-week course covers a wide range of game formats so you are prepared to build your games just as you want them. This course works so well, they use it to teach the brainiacs over at MIT, UC Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon.

Free iOS Game Hacking Course

Create the Next Angry Birds Phenomenon w/ This Robust 8-Week Game Coding Curriculum

Free iOS Game Hacking Course

Build iPhone games using tutorials, ,earn Objective-C, Xcode & SpriteBuilder by cloning Flappy Bird, Game of Life & Angry Birds, create & finish your own iPhone game using 17,000 free art assets, publish your own game to the App Store, view lectures & talks by industry experts and access instant 1-on-1 support with pro developers at Codementor.

Make School was founded in 2012, and has taught over 500 students through in-person courses and over a million students through online tutorials. They’ve previously worked at startups, small businesses, game companies, and tech companies. They’ve lectured and taught at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and INSEAD.

Grab the Free iOS Game Hacking Course over at IGB Deals.

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