IGB Deals: M535 Wireless Optical Mouse

Whether you’re an avid gamer or just spend most of your life at a computer (as most of us do), the M535 Wireless Optical Mouse is guaranteed to enhance your experience. The flexible design allows you to adjust the clicker to your particular hand size for ergonomic perfection. It’s fully programmable and easy to use—so you can finally use a mouse that works on your terms and not visa versa.

M535 Wireless Optical Mouse

Innovate the Way You Click. Save 50% on This Ergonomic, Customizable Mouse.

M535 Wireless Optical Mouse
Freely control the 3 grades of the thumb-adjustable button on the side to fit your hand and utilize the unique cursor positioning technology to easily find your cursor. You can customize your mouse via an easy-to-use control panel and assign functions to 7 different buttons to suit both ordinary & gaming needs.

With the intelligent power functionality to prolong the battery life (goes into power-saving mode when the mouse stops moving) you can also browse your computer endlessly without fatigue.

Grab the M535 Wireless Optical Mouse over at IGB Deals for $29.99 (50% off)!

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