IGB Deals: Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Course

Over 60,000 students have turned to the Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Course collection for programming knowledge and training, and for good reason. With 10 curated courses on everything from HTML to Bootstrap, Newbie-to-Pro is perfect for beginners looking to start from scratch, and experts looking to expand into new niches.

Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Course

10 Courses. 43 Hours of Content. 9 Essential Programming Languages

Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Course

Key features of Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Course:

  • Over 312 lectures and 43 hours of content
  • Access any new content added by the instructor, Simon Sez IT, at no cost
  • Create websites using HTML and CSS
  • Develop using PHP and MYSQL
  • Study advanced web development languages: JavaScript, jQuery, and XML
  • Create responsive websites using Bootstrap
  • Learn Dreamweaver CS6 with the free bonus course
  • Take 100 optional quizzes with 300+ questions to test what you’ve learned

All that and more with nothing required but Internet connection, Dreamweaver CC and a text editor.

With 60+ courses and 3,000+ video tutorials on a range of software programs, Simon Sez IT, the author of the course, ensures stress-free eLearning and enhanced employee productivity, whether you’re implementing new software or a upgrading technology for your workplace.

Grab Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Course over at IGB Deals for only $49 (90% OFF).

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