IGB Deals: The Scientific Essentials Bundle

Discover the Workings of the World Around You & the Science That Drives It In These 41 Hours Included In The Scientific Essentials Bundle
Scientific Essentials Bundle

Something a bit different is in store at IGB Deals today. If you ever wondered how most of the stuff we take for granted works, or just how to include scientific methodology in to everyday life and broaden your horizons, this bundle is right choice for you.


What’s included in the Scientific Essentials Bundle:

  • From 0 to 1: Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things
    Explore the Core Principles Behind Internet-Connected Objects
  • Economics: Game Theory, Competition, Elasticity
    Learn the Microeconomic Forces & Theories That Drive Everyday Decisions
  • That Stranger In The Mirror: Neuroscience For Everyone
    Explore the Neuroscience & Psychology That Affect the World Around You
  • Cause and Effect: 25 Famous Experiments that Changed Our World
    The History of Science (& the World) in 25 Still Crucial Experiments
  • Games People Play: Applied Game Theory
    Think Smarter About the Conflicts in Your Life
  • Under the Hood: How Cars Work
    Discover the Engineering That Makes Cars Go
  • Innovators and Innovation: Travel Through Time!
    Connect the Dots Between History’s Earliest, Most Important Innovations & the World We See Today

The Scientific Essentials Bundle is available at IGB Deals.

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