IGB Deals: The Network Engineer’s Learning Bundle

Get an introduction to readable programming languages, further advance your coding skills, immerse yourself an overview of the Linux OS environment and more with…

The Network Engineer’s Learning Bundle

Streamline Your Network Management with 7 Courses on Java, Python, Shell Scripting & More

Network Engineer's Learning Bundle

This is included:

  • Introduction to Python Programming for Network Engineers
    Jumpstart Your Programming Ambitions w/ This Easy Python Tutorial
  • Python Programming for Network Engineers
    Take Your Python Programming to the Next Level
  • Linux Fundamentals for Network Engineers
    Enhance Your Network Engineering Repertoire w/ Basic Linux Principles
  • Shell Scripting Fundamentals for Network Engineers
    Supercharge Your Linux Skills w/ Bash Shell Scripting
  • Task Automation for Network Engineers (TCL/Expect)
    Learn to Script Programs That Do Your Work for You
  • Java Fundamentals for Network Engineers
    Make Your Network Engineering Work More Dynamic Using Java
  • Vagrant Fundamentals for Network Engineers
    Expedite & Simplify Your Development Process Using Vagrant

Grab The Network Engineer’s Learning Bundle over at IGB Deals.

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