IGB Deals: Ultimate Security Bundle

Get the Very Best in Online Security with 4 Must-Have Apps & 2 In-Depth Courses in Ultimate Security Bundle!

Whether you want to safely and securely store sensitive information, secure vital information about your identity and finances, protect your computer against unwanted guest from the internet or just learn more about securing and hacking this is the bundle for you.


Short descriptions of the content of the Ultimate Security Bundle:

  • Dropshare

    The Fully Secure File-Sharing Tool for Mac
    Dropshare gives you the choice of hosting file transfers with Amazon’s S3 service, Rackspace Cloud Files or a self-hosted server using SCP—so you aren’t forced into trusting one specific external company. Dropshare connects directly, so no third-parties (and potential hacking opportunities) are in the picture.

  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac: 1-Yr Subscription

    1 Year, 1 Mac: Essential Antivirus Technology for Digital Privacy
    Bitdefender secures your computer so vital information about your identity and finances remains tightly encrypted. The innovative technology continuously checks its global database to keep your Mac safeguarded against the latest strains of online threats.

  • SplashID Pro: 3-Yr Subscription

    The Trusted Password Manager for All Your Devices
    Put your personal information in hands you can trust. Over 1 million people use SplashID as their password manager to safely and securely store sensitive information.

  • Little Snitch 3

    The Interactive Firewall for Outgoing & Incoming Network Connections
    Little Snitch 3 is a firewall that protects your computer against unwanted guest from the internet. But who protects your private data from being sent out? Little Snitch protects does exactly that. It’s simple, set your own rules to let the good applications in, and keep the bad ones out.

  • Certified White Hat Hacker Course: Advanced Level 1

    27 Lectures to Master Web & Network Security Testing
    Learn to use web tools to test web portals as a tester, and even use the same web tools to write secure code. Great for chief information security officers, system and network administrators, IT managers, and developers, this course will have you penetration testing like a pro in no time.

  • Certified White Hat Hacker Course: Level 2

    Over 24 Lectures on Malware Analysis, Log Analysis & More
    Master the tools required to perform advanced penetration testing, to successfully and efficiently avoid cyber attacks. Advance your career by advancing your skills with this in-depth course on Metasploit and beyond.

 Grab the Ultimate Security Bundle for only $39 (79% OFF) over at IGB Deals.

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