IGB Deals: Ajax Programming Bootcamp

XML & Ajax Programming Bootcamp

Add These Critical Skills to Your Coding Resume with 34 Hours of Training

  • Ajax Training:

In this Ajax training class, you’ll learn to make calls to the server with JavaScript, and manipulate JSON and XML content returned from the server. Ajax opens the door to creating sophisticated web-based applications with much more of the logic (and therefore code) handled on the client. While Ajax allows for more dynamic and responsive applications, it changes the traditional role of JavaScript dramatically and forces developers to rethink how they write and manage JavaScript code.

  • Study Ajax w/ about 24 hours of training
  • Use Ajax to make your JavaScript coding more efficient
  • Use any type of operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) while taking the course
  • Get a short overview of the Node.js server features (written in JavaScript)
  • Use Ajax to ensure web app pages are responsive
  • Gain an essential front-end coding skill


  • XML Training:

In this XML (Extensible Markup Language) training class, you’’ll learn essential XML skills from scratch. By creating tags, you’ll be able to implement structure in a simplistic yet functional way. The training includes presentations, readings, exercises, and quizzes—all available for you to utilize at your own pace.

  • Learn XML w/ 8 hours of instruction
  • Create well-formed XML documents
  • Build simple DTDs & XML Schema for validating XML documents
  • Build XSLTs for transforming XML documents into XHTML & other XML structures
  • Get hands-on experience w/ included exercises

Get your XML/Ajax Programming Bootcamp courses over at IGB Deals!

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