Indie Gala: Bedlam Bundle

10 various indie games in the new Bedlam Bundle on Indie Gala!

//N.P.P.D. RUSH//: The milk of Ultraviolet is an intense, vehicular, open world, arena shooter combined with lite RPG elements and a 80s British bedroom programmer feel.

Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ is a traditional style jigsaw puzzle game with top down shooter gameplay thrown in to ruin your day and peaceful puzzling experience.

Pressured is a unique and intense number puzzler. Hit your targets to unlock pieces of the dark story, all told via the poetry of Nicholas Gordon.

Gold Rush! takes you back to the year 1849, when gold was discovered in California. It was certainly one of the most exciting times in American history.

Bedlam is a unique FPS game based on a novel of the same name by cult Scottish author Christopher Brookmyre.

Z is a real time war game played in a totally free environment. A breathtaking race to capture territory and resources. Crush your enemy before they overpower you.

Gunspell is cross-genre game, where RPG meets Puzzle.

DarkEnd is a traditional 2D RPG, where simple yet addictive game-design meets stunning visuals to tell unforgettable tale of love, bravery and sacrifice in this classic dungeon crawler style game.

Inside The Gear is a physics puzzle game like no other! You are inside the big old machine. There are rusty gears and shafts all around you, along with interactive objects such as planks and cubes.

Ignite your imagination with a whimsical 2D liquid physics-based puzzle game Bloop.

Bedlam Bundle includes:

  • //N.P.P.D. RUSH//: The milk of Ultraviolet
  • Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ
  • Gold Rush!: Classic
  • Bedlam
  • Z
  • Gunspell: Steam Edition
  • DarkEnd
  • Inside The Gear
  • Bloop

Get your copy of the Bedlam Bundle over at Indie Gala!

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