Indie Gala: Every Monday Bundle #38

Every Monday Bundle is here, as expected, and offers interesting selection of adventure games and some other additions.

Time Mysteries 3: The Final Enigma is the epic finale to the time-travelling adventure series. In the face of the looming magical cataclysm, Ester Ambrose has to fight to save her future once again. Left in the Dark: No One on Board is a hidden-object puzzle-adventure game with a grim, mysterious ambiance and plenty of scares! The second chapter of Reversion (called The Meeting) is also included: after escaping from the hospital you continue this thrilling adventure in order to discover who exactly you are (needless to mention, you’ve lost your memories).

Up for a different kind of challenge? This week’s Every Monday Bundle has something else to offer.

Experience all the thrills of adventure in Northmark: Hour of the Wolf, a card-based RPG. Choose to become a mighty warrior, cunning mage or powerful druid as you fight for glory and survival in arena combat. If you’re up for a mindless devastation try Guns n Zombies (no need to specially mention what happens there), or relax with a calm game of chess in Chess 2!

Every Monday Bundle includes:

  • Chess 2: The Sequel
  • Reversion: The Meeting (2nd Chapter)
  • Northmark: Hour of the Wolf
  • Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma
  • Left in the Dark: No One on Board
  • Guns n Zombies

Grab Every Monday Bundle over at Indie Gala.

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