Indie Gala: Every Monday Bundle #41

Every Monday Bundle #41 is an interesting and bizarre mix of things, yet very interesting at the same time. In short: Space Salvager is a space adventure where the very titles suggests what you do. Why So Evil is a platforming game, while Eternal Winter a game where your skill of surviving the cold harsh winter will be put to the test. CubeZ is a devastating multiplayer shooter, Claustrophobia is a dungeon rougelike while Krater is a real time squad based dungeon crawling adventure.

Every Monday Bundle #41 includes:

  • Space Salvager
  • Why So Evil
  • Eternal Winter
  • CubeZ
  • Claustrophobia:The Downward Struggle
  • Krater (Soundtrack included)
  • Krater: Dr. Cerebro Pack

Grab the Every Monday Bundle #41 over at Indie Gala.

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