Indie Gala The Friday Slaughter Bundle

Indie Gala The Friday Slaughter Bundle – a collection of 10 spooky games (most of them, anyway). Buy early for the lowest price!

Indie Gala The Friday Slaughter Bundle

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get these Steam games:
  • Citalis (STEAM) + Trading Cards
  • Mobile Astro (STEAM)
  • Nightmare (STEAM) + Trading Cards
TIER 2: Pay $3.49 or more (ONLY FIRST 24h) and get ALL 10 STEAM GAMES:
  • Nekuia (STEAM) + Trading Cards
  • Guardian Of December (STEAM) + Trading Cards
  • The Turkey of Christmas Past (STEAM)
  • 123 Slaughter Me Street (STEAM)
  • 123 Slaughter Me Street 2 (STEAM)
  • Mad Bullets (STEAM) + Trading Cards
  • The Butterfly Sign (STEAM) + Trading Cards

6 games out of 10 featured in this PC game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All 10 games in this indie collection activate on Steam via separate Steam keys.

Buy the Indie Gala The Friday Slaughter Bundle here

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