Indie Gala: Friday Special Bundle #16

New Friday Special Bundle by Indie Gala is out. For the lower price in the first 24 hours you’ll get 3 games, while beating the average price brings you 9 more games + 2 DLCs! Here are our favorites from the bundle:

  • Project Temporality

Project Temporality is a third person action/puzzle game built around the concept of allowing the player to play with time.

  • Grapple

Grapple is a 3D puzzle platformer. Grapple is as fast paced as you want to play it. With multiple checkpoints and unlimited lives your skill is the only thing slowing you down.

  • Wooden Floor

Wooden Floor is a first person horror game full of visual trickery … Not being able to predict what is going to happen next you need to make your way through the haunted house.

Resude, Cyberpunk 3776 and Hare in the Hat are also worth the attention!

Friday Special Bundle #16 includes:

  • Residue – Final Cut
  • The Book of Legends
  • 3 Stars of Destiny

Beat the average price for:

  • Project Temporality
  • Grapple
  • The Albino Hunter
  • CO-OP: Decrypted
  • Wooden Floor
  • Cyberpunk 3776
  • Hare In The Hat
  • Shin Samurai Jazz
  • Fortune’s Tavern: The Fantasy Tavern Simulator!

And these Fortune’s Tavern DLCs:

  • Play the Mayor: Become the Mayor of Fortune’s City
  • Invite the Dwarves to Dinner

Grab the Friday Special Bundle #16 over at Indie Gala!

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