Indie Gala: Friday Special Bundle #8

Friday Special Bundle is out. Here are the standouts:

Snuggle Truck is the award winning over-the-top physics-based indie driving game. Tilt your truck, catch the fuzzies, drive over armadillos, and rocket your way through hills, caverns, and deserts.

Scourge: Outbreak puts you in the boots of Echo Squad, an elite group of mercenaries hired by The Tarn Initiative to deal a decisive blow against Nogari. The game features a co-op enabled campaign for up to 4 players, with full jump-in/jump-out support for easily joining sessions in progress.

Don’t expect state-of the art graphics, a proper balancing, professional voice acting or breathtaking script-writing in Into the Dark. This here is 100% pure trash, an adventure / shooter hybrid with gazillions of bad jokes, dozens of pop culture references and a hidden, dense net of subversive, intelligent messages related to post-WWII-politics.

If you’re interested in adventure segment of this bundle, you’ll be glad to hear that Dracula and RIP trilogies are included along with The Cameron Files: The Secret at Loch Ness, as well as hilarious indie games Scaraboar and Penguins Arena!

Friday Special Bundle includes:

  • Into the Dark: Ultimate Trash Edition
  • Third Eye Crime
  • Snuggle Truck
  • Scourge: Outbreak Ambrosia Bundle
  • Coldfire Keep
  • Sacraboar
  • Dracula: The Resurrection
  • Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary
  • Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
  • Penguins Arena: Sedna’s World
  • RIP – Trilogy
  • The Cameron Files: The Secret at Loch Ness

Grab Friday Special Bundle over at Indie Gala!

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