IndieGameStand: Ananias Roguelike, Fellowship Edition

Ananias is a dungeon crawler game in which you explore ancient ruins, fight its monstrous inhabitants and try to survive to the bottom level. Once there, you’ll try to find an ancient artifact to save the world from destruction.

Every time you play the game, it will create a new dungeon full of challenges and surprises. You could find yourself in one of 5 different types of environments populated with monsters and ancient magical artifacts.

There are six different player classes, each one designed with a unique playing style. Some of them are combat-focused while others must rely on the items found in the dungeon to survive.

As you advance through the game, you will find more than 40 different monsters with distinct skills and abilities, you will be able to charm them using magic spells and make them follow you in your quest. By using some of the ancient magic found in the dungeon, you will unlock more advanced forms of their powers and skills.


Unlike classic roguelike games adapted to modern media, in Ananias there are no cumbersome movement or complex commands. However, Ananias keeps all the features from the genre that make the games fun and enjoyable: turn-based combat, random level generation, and long term item strategy. These are among the things that make every adventure into the dungeon unforgettable.

You can also play along with your friends in the online mode. The game keeps all friends up to date with their adventures in real time, so you can set up challenges or just compete with your friend’s characters as they die in the dungeon.

Grab the Ananias Roguelike Fellowship Edition over at IndieGameStand.

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