IndieGameStand: Battlepaths

Battlepaths is a 2D RPG featuring lots of monster slaying, great loot system and lots of possibilities of character development. Your goal through the game is to learn new skills and eventually defeat the Chaos Overlord.

The game uses an intuitive drop system that generates countless different items along with more than 50 unique items. The character customization is great and will allow you to create a unique hero, but with it’s own weaknesses and strengths. You want to play as a heavy tank or an agile fighter from the shadows? Battlepaths offers both possibilities. ¬†Each of the playable realms has it’s own landscape, creatures and superior items.

Beat the average price and you’ll receive a key for Undead Legions, a game similar in style but with hordes of zombies instead of fantasy creatures to slay.

Get it over at IndieGameStand.

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