Itch: ROYGBIV Bundle

7 indie devs, 7 puzzle games, and 7 ways to have fun and tease your brain in ROYGBIV Bundle.

Find the matching shapes in one of the 9 squares and win one point. Miss the match and lose a square. Make enough points to unlock the next theme in 81.

Play through millions of brilliantly colored puzzles across four time-limited game modes in Pixel Puzzle: Tile Tap.

RGB combines the fun aspects of a platformer with the logic and problem solving skills of a puzzle game. Match colors, jump around and collect stars to unlock all 25 levels!

Turning Point is a game about a flower who has lost his or her companions and wishes to be reunited with them.

Color Chemistry is an abstract color mixing puzzle game for PC.

Look through a microscope and discover a small world made of ever expanding cells of 3 colors in Fully Bugged Little Cells.

Depth is a game about color and patience. Every puzzle will eventually be stripped away of it’s complexity, if you are persistent. Depth can be frustrating but you will always triumph.

ROYGBIV Bundle includes:

  • 81
  • Pixel Puzzle: Tile Tap
  • RGB
  • Turning Point
  • Color Chemistry
  • Fully Bugged Little Cells
  • Depth

Get your copy of the ROYGBIV Bundle over at!

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