Itch: Turkey/Syria Quake Charity Bundle

Pay at least $9.90 to get 15 indie games for PC in this charity bundle. 100% of proceeds of this bundle will go to a charity that is helping people in Turkey and Syria.

Itch: Bundle For Charity For Turkey/Syria Quake

Turkey and Syria had been hit by several big quakes and there are still people who needs  help! And any help counts!

Developers at have come together and set a symbolic price for the bundle. 100% of the revenue will to the charity organization in Turkey. Please help as much as you can!

Here’s what games you get if you buy this charity bundle:

  • Inheritance:Ladeina’s Path
  • Inheritance:Ladeina’s Path Patreon DLC
  • Artificial Awakening
  • MCG
  • Erisa’s Summer
  • Endowed
  • Bell Master
  • Maids & Masters
  • Beyond horror episode one: a father’s journey
  • Effervescent Fantasy™ Ⅰ
  • Goblin Layer
  • Finding Felicia
  • King of Mazes
  • Perpetuum Mobile
  • Romeo Must Live

You can buy this charity game bundle right here until March 31st 2023.

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