Free Game: Matchmaker – Deserted Bride

Key Giveaway: Matchmaker – Curse of the Deserted Bride

The return of a famous matchmaker! Helen Jones settles in a town veiled in mystery, and takes on its intrigues. Your task is to puzzle out a sinister curse and help the townspeople find love again! Assisted by the appealing matchmaker, you will plunge deeper and deeper into the town’s whirlpool of secrets and find yourself in the middle of events leading to a surprise ending.

Game features:

  • Intriguing detective plot
  • Romantic story veiled in mystics and mysteries
  • Photorealistic graphics and romantic music
  • Magic amulet and mysterious voodoo puppets
  • 50 various game scenes and 60 interesting strip cartoons
  • More than 50 unique mini games

Help the famous matchmaker remove the curse of celibacy in the ravishing game Matchmaker: Curse of Deserted Bride! Welcome to the town where people are in despair to fall in love and get married again: breathtaking adventures are waiting for you! There are tons of puzzles to solve, mini-games to cope and hidden object scenes to unravel in the game Matchmaker: Curse of Deserted Bride. Help the fearless matchmaker cope with all the difficulties and make desperate people break the curse of deserted bride!

Not a chance to win… A legitimate key giveaway! Only at FailMid.

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