Kiss My Bundles: The 10-4 Bundle

Ten games for only four bucks!

Most of the titles have been seen in other bundles, or previous Kissmybundles deals. However, there are some new additions:.

Commando Jack is a new take on well known tower defense game genre. The titular character borrows some traits from well know FPS heroes from the past: he’s a badass waiting for Earth to be saved from alien invasion. Sit in the turret and wipe them out! Truffle Saga comes from the same team, and takes you on the adventure of ridding the forest from angry mushrooms. If you feel like saving the lot of kittens attacked by enemies try Combat Cats – a game that mixes RPG and adventure elements, and of course has bunch of cats!

The 10-4 bundle includes:

  • Commando Jack
  • Truffle Saga
  • Humanity Asset
  • CT Special Forces
  • Ionball 2
  • Combat Cats
  • Desert Thunder
  • Racer 8
  • Pester
  • Pixel Puzzles Japan

Check it out over at Kiss My Bundles.

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