Movie Bundle: Devolver Digital Films BUNDLE BLITZ!

Movie Bundle: Devolver Digital Films

Bundle Blitz is now live: During the BundleBlitz, when a user purchases a full-tier gift (Pay $5 or more) they will get a second gift for free. During the BundleBlitz, when a user purchases a full-tier gift (Pay $5 or more) they will get a second gift for free. Did you know Steam offers movies in addition to the many games? With Steam Big Picture slowly becoming a large part of the uhh… Bigger picture, Steam is officially on the film train with plenty of amazing indie movies.

Pay at least $1 to unlock:

  • Diving Normal

An unlikely love triangle: an ambitious Brooklynite graphic novelist and his peculiar neighbor fall for the same beautiful but broken girl. The three combat abandonment, addiction and the struggle with conforming to traditional relationships.

  • Coffee, Kill Boss

When ten executives secretly meet to sell off their company, they’re murdered one by one in this darkly comedic romp through the halls of corporate America.

  • A Survey of Open Space

A pair of urbanites embark on a 4000-mile bicycle ride in search of the last wild place in America; to their dismay they find it. Set in the wake of America’s great western expansion, the film is a portrait of bike touring and a meditation on wilderness.


Beat the average to unlock:

  • Motivational Growth

(Comedy/Sci-Fi) After a failed TV set leads to a failed suicide attempt, depressed and reclusive Ian Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni) begins taking life advice from The Mold (Jeffrey Combs) a fungal growth in his filthy bathroom.

  • Circle The Wagen

Idealistic adventurer Dave and his convivial co-pilot Charlie journey down Route 66 in a ramshackle 1972 VW bus. Through setbacks galore the two discover a teeming underground of vintage VW diehards willing to help rally them on to California.

  • King of Herrings

In this Tom Waits tips-his-hat-to Woody Allen world, a group of small time wannabes, banter about the streets of New Orleans. They soon find themselves in a strange tug-of-war over a childlike woman looking for a way out.


Pay $5 or more to unlock:

  • In The Shadow

Exhausted from the demands of his gift as a healer, Diego lives in isolation in Puerto Rico. However, his life is disrupted when Hilary, a filmmaker, arrives. Intrigued by Diego’s mystery, she tries to get closer.

  • Let’s Ruin It With Babies

Channing is a young woman with a perfect rockstar life – a beautiful house, a dream job running a mobile karaoke bar, and a well-meaning husband intent on ruining it all by knocking her up.

  • Soft In The Head

Thrown out of her apartment, Natalia, a 25-year-old hot mess, relies on the kindness of friends and strangers. Seemingly unaware of the havoc she wreaks, she skips from one place to another, ending up at a shelter run by a veritable saint.

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