New games added to Humble Games Collection for March 2022

Humble Bundle has announced that two new games, A Hat in Time and The Wild at Heart were just added to the Humble Games Collection/Humble Trove in the new Humble App.

New games added to Humble Games Collection for March 2022


  • A Hat In Time is a cute-as-heck 3D platformer featuring a little girl who stitches hats for wicked powers! Freely explore giant worlds and recover Time Pieces to travel to new heights!
  • The Wild At Heart is an action adventure puzzle game with great reviews. Wield an ever-growing herd of quirky creatures to rebuild broken paths, battle perilous beasts, and solve peculiar puzzles in a rich, interconnected world. Join two young runaways as they unravel the mysteries of a lost realm in this nostalgic storybook fantasy!


While A Hat In Time and The Wild At Heart are new to the collection, this month sees two game removed from the Humble Games Collection; Snake Pass and Etherborn.

Note that not all games in Humble App are DRM-free games. The games are split into two categories, The Games Collection and The Humble Trove.

  • The Humble Games Collection (DRM): A growing number of Humble Games published titles are available only with an active Choice membership through the Humble app.
  • The Vault (DRM-free): The Vault includes over 50 Humble Original Games. Once downloaded on your PC, these games can be accessed regardless of Choice Membership status.

Besides the new game added to the list, Humble Games Collection already has a huge library of great games: Wizard of Legend, Void Bastards, Forager, Dodgeball Academia, Unsighted and much, much more.

At this moment, there are 50+ games available to download at the Humble App.

The Humble Games Collection/Humble Trove is an exclusive perk for Humble Choice members. Download DRM and DRM-free favorites from the Vault through the all-new Humble app for Windows PC.

You can buy the Humble Choice for March 2022 here and get Desperados 3 + Mass Effect Legendary Edition, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Men of Medan and more for $11.99 / €9,99! + over 50 games in the Humble Trove!

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