Run Windows Games on Your Linux Computer with CrossOver 17 (52% off)

Think you’ll never get the chance to play the latest killer Windows title just because you’re rocking Linux? Well, think again! With CrossOver 17, bring your Linux and Windows operating systems into harmony so you can run Windows games with ease!

Run Windows Games on Your Linux Computer with CrossOver 17

Integrating seamlessly with your native desktop environment, this software runs Windows games without rebooting or installing Windows OS. Meaning, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of switching from Linux to Windows every time you want to play your favorite Windows titles!

But that’s not it! CrossOver 17 also allows you to install Windows applications on your Linux platform with a single click and then empowers you to operate them at native speed without any limited performance. Plus, launching Windows software from CrossOver’s dock is a breeze, letting you operate without needing Windows virus protection.

Grab CrossOver 17 for Linux at IGB Deals today for $19, which is 52% off its original price.

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