StackSocial: Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode

This course is perfect for designers and complete beginning coders alike – the usual price is 150 bucks, but for the next 4 days you can get it for 66% off!

iOS Xcode learning deal

There is no coding experience required, but you will walk away with an understanding of how to code from a designers perspective, plus experience using the latest tools for designers such as Sketch 3, Xcode 6 and iOS 8.

Here’s what you get out of this deal:

  • 25 Sketch files, 31 videos and 24 Xcode projects
  • Learn how to design and code holistically
  • Build an app – from nothing to app store
  • Join a community of over 5,000 other students
  • 20% off Sketch 3 by Bohemian Coding
  • 30% off Ember, a great app for collecting designs and inspirations


Get it for 66% off over at StackSocial


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