Free Games: The 4-Game Bundle

Yes, you’ve seen correctly! 4 Steam Games are up for grabs free of charge in the The 4-Game Bundle! To do this, you just have to follow a couple of easy steps:

  1. Create a Playfire account.
  2. The link your Playfire account to your Steam account.
  3. The Bundle will appear either in your My Rewards section or your mail.
  4. Be patient. It’s possible you won’t receive your keys at the very instant.

You can claim this free game bundle if you don’t currently have a Playfire account that is linked to Steam. If you have an existing Playfire account, link it to your Steam account. If you have a Green Man Gaming account, log into Playfire with that account.

Click, turn and match four blocks in a next generation puzzle game Clickr.

In PID you play as Kurt, and you must use gravity-defying beams to conquer every platform and solve every puzzle on his strange journey.

Rabbit Hole 3D: Steam Edition is a minimalistic retro puzzle game. The game features 3D word puzzles based on Chapter 1 of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

100 challenging sliding puzzles with a twist await you in Rooms: The Main Building.

The 4-Game Bundle includes:

  • Clickr
  • PID
  • Rabbit Hole 3D
  • Rooms: The Main Building

Get your copy of The 4-Game Bundle over at Playfire!

 Note that these games come free if you buy Keebles over at Green Man Gaming. More about that in our Super Savings article!

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